Carbon Fibre Composites, Designer Office Furniture, Yacht Building

Affina is at the forefront of composite construction and prides itself in Marine construction as well as other bespoke composite projects.

Affina Marine Ltd has over 25 years of experience with elite yacht building and has been involved in many world class campaigns and yacht constructions.

Affina Marine can offer any client the ability to produce projects of any scale,from 50mtr carbon yachts to contemporary carbon fiber art.

Affina Marine has historically worked as the sole contractor to the world renowned yacht builder Wally Yachts since 1999.

Its history since 1999 has constructed most of the Wally Yachts seen throughout the sailing world todate.Affina Marine has managed up to 50 contractors at one time to complete the order books of Wally Yachts in 2008.

Affina Marine can offer any shipyard the benefit of leaving the responsibility of the composite project to us, with only the aid of a structural engineer, whilst concentrating on the next stages of the build.

Feel free to contact us to talk about any requirements you may have, no matter what size for a quotation.