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Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre composites is a technology that is becoming more commonly used in the world of product manufacture. Correctly engineered advanced composites have incredible high tensile strength (approximately 15 times the strength of steel) and high rigidity (up to 3 times the stiffness of steel).

Furniture has already been produced by these methods like the 'lightweight' chair designed and built by Alberto Meda in 1989, but with today’s advancements in technology we can manipulate and form into any shape and design which cannot be achieved by other materials, thus giving you a truly unique piece of carbon furniture.

As designers begin to utilise this material and material costs fall, and as more efficient processes for application are discovered, we will see carbon fibre used more frequently within our lives.

The scope for design when utilising the characteristics of carbon fibre open up a whole new chapter in furniture design that will take us into the next century.

The material is now completely recyclable whether in a raw state or infused with epoxy, making it 100% reusable.

The product is completely UV resistant with the application of a two-part polyurethane varnish applied to the finished surface. The furniture is tested to ISO international standards.